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The first step is to create your trading account with one of our partner platforms by choosing one of the 2 depending on your first investment (Pacific Union, or Iron FX) in order to be able to copy our private investments, training and support.

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Make your first investment with the chosen partner and send us your mt4 account number so that we can validate your access to the VIP group.
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Perfect Trading's VIP group

What is it ?

Perfect Trading VIP is the only group you need to succeed in trading.
No matter what your background, your knowledge and your basic skills.

Pour qui ?

This VIP group is for all types of people: it is suitable for both beginners who have no experience in trading and experts who want to learn more advanced trading strategies to improve their results.

How do we do it?

Our VIP group contains all the elements for you to succeed in trading.
We will offer you a personalized coaching that will allow you to start trading from 0

You are going to have access to our market-leading trading courses that will allow you to perfect your skills in this area. To help you make decisions, you will have access to our traders' signals.

When ?

Our VIP group is accessible on telegram 7/7 and 24/24
. You will be able to advance at your own pace with the training offered. Access to the VIP group is valid for life and unlimited.

In addition, you get free access to all future training updates.

Why ?

The goal of VIP perfect trading is to allow any determined person to take advantage of the opportunity of trading, to change their life and achieve financial freedom

It works

Members of the VIP group have generated over €120,000 in trading and have rated our VIP group 4.3/5.

On average, each person who joins the VIP group generates over 3000€.

The advantages of joining our VIP group

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